You Keep The World (I’ll Take The Cross)

Hello everyone! I am excited to announce that my original song, “You Keep The World (I’ll Take The Cross) will be released to national radio January 2017! Pray that God will use this song to draw people unto Himself. You can listen to the song right here on my Reverb Nation page.


Joy In The Journey by Michael Card

I was inspired to post a link to this song by a message I heard this morning by the Reverend Richard Collins at Bloomingdale Alliance Church. He spoke of living a faith and spirit filled life. He specifically mentioned this song in an illustration and it has been on my mind all day. This song has a lot to say to the weary Christian. Our ultimate joy lies in seeing Christ face to face but there is much to appreciate about the pilgrimage. Peace and Blessings, Julian Pace.

Lord For Thy Tender Mercy’s sake by Richard Farrant

A lovely choral work by the English musician Richard Farrant. Evidence for the life of this composer is scant but his musical legacy remains. As a singer with the Armstrong State University Chorale I sang this song many times. I hope you enjoy, Julian.

“Laudate Dominum”

This piece by the great composer Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart is one of my favorite selections from the Classical Era. It combines two of my greatest loves into one fine and harmonious whole. Rarely have holy scripture and music been so well united. The piece is arranged for a soprano and choir. The text of the piece comes from Psalm 117 and is rendered in Latin. The title “Laudate Dominum” is probably best translated “O, Praise the Lord” in English. On a personal note, I had the privilege of performing this song with the Armstrong Atlantic State University Chorale in my undergrad years. Performing this song was truly an incredible experience. I hope you enjoy what I believe to be one of Mozart’s great works.