About Julian


Julian’s interest in writing first began when his original song “The Captive of the Gentle, Gentle Wind” won first prize in the Savannah Folk Music Society’s original folk song contest in 2009. Julian continued to compose original music and his Country-Gospel song “You Keep The World, I’ll Take The Cross” received significant radio airplay in the United States during the Spring of 2017. More recently, Julian has taken up blogging and he has written numerous popular and scholarly articles for various publications. His articles have been featured in Arminian Magazine, Bible Expositor and Illuminator, Jaffray Journal, and the Wesleyan Theological Journal. He looks forward to publishing his first book sometime in 2021 or 2022. Julian holds a B.A. in Music from Armstrong Atlantic State University (now Georgia Southern University, Armstrong Campus), an M.A. In Biblical Studies from Piedmont International University (now Carolina University), and he is currently pursuing a Doctorate in Theology with a focus in Historical Theology from Evangelical Seminary in Myerstown, Pennsylvania. He currently serves as the President of Risen Savior Ministries (www.risensaviormin.org) and the Pastor of Central Alliance Church in Mt. Airy, Georgia.

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